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Frogtown Friends Cut

The Dunnys went through the Pond & Stream and cut dead journals with not enough updates, no commenting and no replies.
Comment and the Dunnys will add journals back... if the Dunnys feel like it.

Fun Reading: Shugo Chara!

In this magical realist graphic novel, Amu Hinamori transfers to a new elementary school and through a series of light misadventures discovers different facets of her personality previously unknown to her. One of her nemesis is this fascinating cat-boy, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, whose main mission is to steal her character "eggs" ^_^

Shugo Chara
EDIT: SOLD & SOLD. Thanks everyone ^_^

For sale: '09 Cowboyz Cade & Wild Life Kobe (Rooted Hair Variant). I'm offering these NRFB Boyz to my LJ Friends before I put them up elsewhere. Price for my LJ friends: $14 each. Shipping is extra & will be Priority Rate. I will ship anywhere. I will also debox them if desired, and put them in a smaller USPS box to save on shipping. I use PayPal. No returns. Dolls are sold as is. If you are picky about a certain kind(s) of flaw(s) I will look for you, but so far I've not seen anything. The hair is good quality nylon, full of gel but washes out nicely. Comment (screened) if interested.  OOB pictures of my Kobe & Cade precede this post.  Thanks for looking. See note below.

For Adoption: NRFB Kobe & Cade Rare Variant With Hair ('09)

NOTE: These '09 Boyz are the last of the Boyz released before the 2010 Anniversary releases & are the last ones to have rooted hair. The Boyz released in 2010 both have buzz cuts. Bratz Masquerade 2011's promotionals show two Boyz with hair but MGAE has a bad habit of subtractively changing their production dolls. These maybe the last Boyz with rooted hair for a while.
Amazing new release from the Rosette doll line. Some of the girls are even playing "trouser" roles, just like a real girls school.
I almost pushed the order button on these! Maybe some one I know will like them enough to order them. They are on the new 43cm bodies and there are six dolls in this release. I wish I could afford them but I don't have that kind of money or space. The rest  of the pics are on my flick here or on Sooms website.

Rosette School Play Marguerite Rosette School Play 03