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Past the Palm Trees & Parking Lots

The Frenzy of Renown
16 March
^_^ photo journal of riddley's toys, figures & dolls ^_^

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The Pullip Blog Crew


Which Rozen Maiden am I most like?


You are the most sympathetic of them all. You love companions, mysteries, and justice. You dislike causing pain and losing self-respect. You will give your life for others, but you will not suffer a loss of dignity. You are not afraid to apologize but only if you think it's a serious issue. People like being around you because you are sensible and interesting. Your greatest flaw is that you are sometimes too proud to admit you are wrong. Your greatest gift is that you give of yourself to others.

Eleazar (Elfdoll Wu) and Ishmael (Volks Okita Souji)

~Riddley's BJD Family~
Cloud (LE Elfdoll Mir & Reminisce Mir)
Murielle Andesmas (Limhwa Human 57 French Resin)
Amalia (Souldoll Soulkid Apple)
Brignone (Iplehouse Soori Tan v.2 & Gentle Head)
Soutane (Elfdoll Soah & Reminisce Soah)
Vadym (Elfdoll K & Reminisce K)
Tala (Elfdoll June)
Reri (Iplehouse Cocori Swan Lake & Gentle Head)
Apsara (LE Elfdoll Hazy)
Ishmael (LE Volks Okita Souji)
Claire (LE Elfdoll Emma)
Helix (LE Elfdoll Red Vampire)
Rosalba (Limhwa Half Elf 57 Tanning Urethane Resin)
Ozzie Clark (LE Elfdoll Lovely Anthony)
Pudding Birtwell (LE Elfdoll Lovely Amy)
Ryuichi Kirino (LE Volks SDC Ryu)
Eleazar (Elfdoll Wu Standard)
Balthazar (Volks SD17 Hijikata Toshizo)

Taken with a 3.2 Megapixels Sony Cybershot DSCP71

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I love to time travel and take pictures of the places I visit ;-)

Travel Album / Album Di Viaggi

Boboli Gardens. Circa 1550. Florence, Italy

View of the Crossway with the Island Pond in the distance